Our Branding Process and Objectives Are One and The Same

Define – Brand Research

What are the opportunities? Where are the gaps? Who is the audience? Why should they care? We start with a deep look inward at your organization and a broad look outward at the market; considering the spaces in between, checking the periphery and pondering the possibilities. Only with a clear understanding of who we are, what we stand for and what our goals are can we design a strategy to disrupt the landscape.

Disrupt – Brand Strategy

Disruption isn’t about getting in the way of what people like but rather becoming what people like. Upsetting the status quo makes people uncomfortable. Humans seek certainty and structure. Successful brand strategy solves this disruption paradox by making familiar things seem new and new things feel familiar – providing structure while fitting you naturally into people's lives.

Design – Brand Identity

Design is the animating principle of your brand strategy that imbues every aspect of your brand experience with form and function. Nocturnal leverages the power of design – graphic design, interior design, environmental design, experience design and more – across all consumer touchpoints to establish and sustain brand differentiation, shepherd the brand experience, manage perception and maintain a competitive advantage.

Deliver – Brand Execution

Brands are amplified via word of mouth, web, video, social media, advertising, etc. Across these channels – and more – we execute your strategy by providing multi-sensory systems, signals and experiences that inform, inspire, communicate, motivate and deliver on promise. When your brand consistently delivers, you earn trust, build loyalty and increase value.

Dominate – Brand Management

People embrace things that interest them and that add value to their lives. Our strategy is focused on making your brand one of those things. We can’t tell people what to think but we can influence perception and encourage them to think in new ways. Through ongoing brand management we ensure your brand remains relevant in the face of evolving consumer trends and emerging competition. When people perceive your brand as not merely a good option, but rather as the only option – and a fundamental aspect of their own identity – you dominate.

Designing Your Brand Success
Fusing brand research, strategy, design and implementation into a single integrated discipline – Brand Amplification.

Solving Business Challenges
Increased revenue. New customer acquisition. Customer retention. Communications and operations misalignment. We help our clients solve these and other business challenges and create lasting value through a planned, purposeful approach to brand building. Whether you’re launching a new brand, reinventing an existing brand or breathing new life into a heritage brand we’ll help you energize, strategize, visualize and execute to position you for success.

Guiding With Purpose
Nocturnal serves as brand counsel to our clients. We understand that many people have never purchased creative services before and don’t know what to expect from the branding process. We are hands-on, helping you craft relevant, resilient, meaningful brands that matter. Such brands foster innovation, create jobs, generate wealth and fuel the engine that drives culture and commerce. If that's the kind of brand you strive to be Nocturnal is the partner for you.

Branding With Intent
We dig deeper to uncover the meaning, metaphor, character and wit unique to your brand while never allowing cliche, trend or fashion to obscure your message. Our goal is helping you achieve your goals. Communicating with clarity and efficiency to achieve those goals is the unifying element throughout our work.

Business Success Through Brand Value
Nocturnal does not create decoration; we unlock value trapped within your business and brand to move you beyond commodity competition to profitable differentiation. Branding, as we practice it, is part art, part science and all persuasion. By fusing design, psychology, sociology, semiotics, linguistics, neuroscience, behavioral economics and more into planned, purposeful, results-driven strategies and razor-sharp creative executions Nocturnal helps our clients communicate with clarity, consistently provide quality and achieve meaningful distinction in the marketplace.

Stoking Brand Desire
You don't do that by barking, "better, faster, cheaper," you do it by connecting people with the soul of the organization - the brand. To be successful, a brand must consistently provide quality and satisfaction; it must meaningfully distinguish itself from the competition to create customer preference; it must be relevant, convenient and easily accessible to people who use it and desire it; and it must appeal to their individual lifestyles, business needs, attitudes and beliefs. People embrace things that interest them and add value to their lives. Our goal is making your brand one of those things so that consumers consistently choose you when given a choice – and gladly pay a premium.

Defining Your Brand
For every business there are things you know, things you don't know and things you don't know you don't know. Where are the gaps? What are the opportunities? Who is the audience? What drives the purchase? We consider the spaces in between, check the periphery and ponder the unthinkable to bring as much into focus as possible. Only with a clear understanding of who we are, what we stand for and how we fit into the landscape can we plan and map a brand strategy to obtain your goals.

Designing Your Brand
Design is the practical and tangible execution of your brand strategy. Getting it right means making design part of your brand DNA; realizing design is the animating principle of your brand experience, not superfluous decoration. Leveraging the power of design – graphic design, environmental design, user experience design, etc. – across all aspects of your brand establishes and sustains differentiation. In a cluttered market differentiation always wins.

Declaring Your Brand
Brands are declared through stories, signals and systems because that's how the human brain best receives, reacts to and stores information. Nocturnal fuses art, science, strategy and more to amplify your brand via advanced communications tools, technologies and techniques that are manageable, measurable, flexible and effective.

Creating Brand Culture
Marketing is a department, branding is a culture. It's far too complex to relegate to a single department. Organizations operate in silos. Marketing, finance, IT, sales, and the C-suite often approach branding with differing points of view. Misalignment costs money. Our clients retain Nocturnal to provide clarity, consensus and communication solutions to align their team and move their brand forward with focus.

Questioning Conventional Thinking
Successful branding means asking "what if" with a sense of wonder rather than a sense of dread. We'll teach you to look at your brand differently because nothing truly remarkable ever came from conventional thinking. What's the point of being in business if you're not trying to be remarkable? Nocturnal can lead you in the direction you need to go – if you're willing to follow.

Collaborating With Nocturnal
We are agile by design, employing only senior-level talent. While most work is done entirely in-house our model offers flexibility allowing us to assemble a tailored team of experts from any field. Our principals are always hands-on and engaged in your project, you won't get mere face-time with senior staff only to have your account handed off to junior personnel.

Brand Diversity
Nocturnal maintains a diverse client roster spanning numerous industries and organizations from start-ups to globally recognized brands. This range provides a wider cultural and economic purview providing broader perspective from which to approach and solve business challenges.

Where Do We Start?

Stop dreaming, start doing. Stop wishing, start accomplishing. Stop following, start leading. Stop surviving, start thriving. Stop waiting, start now. If you like what you see and read on this web site then we've already begun a successful collaboration. Contact us today to continue the conversation.

Branding Experts
We are storytellers, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers – chronically curious, compulsively creative.

Ken Peters Co-founding Partner

“Ken has a vivid imagination, and he’s not afraid to use it.” So read the teacher’s note on Ken’s third grade report card. Proof that at an early age a spirit of unconventional creativity was already brewing. Some 15 years later, an exasperated college professor would criticize Ken for thinking “too much.” Happily, some things never change.

Ken holds a Bachelor’s degree in design from Arizona State University. Complementing these credentials are more than two decades of professional brand development, a comprehensive body of diverse, award-winning work and a track record of client success stories.

Ken is an avid reader of American history, a movie buff, a passionate soccer fan, and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor.

Linda Peters Co-founding Partner 

Linda is a graduate of the University of Texas, Austin, where she earned the university’s distinguished Bachelor of Journalism degree. Prior to co-founding Nocturnal, she spent more than 15 years as a writer and editor in the fast-paced world of magazine and newspaper publishing.

Linda's journalism background includes serving as the Managing Editor of Phoenix Magazine, Phoenix’s prestigious lifestyle monthly with a circulation of more than 100,000; and as the award-winning Editor-In-Chief of Scottsdale Life Magazine – a full-color monthly with a circulation of 30,000. Linda brings her communication skills to bear for Nocturnal’s clients by providing copywriting, editing, public relations and media relations services.

In her spare time you’ll find Linda practicing yoga or writing mystery novels. She also remains a sought-after freelance journalist, covering diverse topics such as healthcare, the arts, travel and leisure, restaurants and more for the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Magazine and a variety of other publications.

Champ Junior Partner

Champ is half Cocker Spaniel, half Poodle and 100 percent cute. He careens through life with guiltless joie de vivre and has no inhibitions about jumping onto your lap to finagle some head scratches or belly rubs.


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