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The Brand Value of Kindness and Honesty

Business boils down to people. Branding is about building and maintaining relationships. People won’t always remember what you tell them but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. Ultimately, they want to feel valued.

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The Science of Storytelling

Storytelling is the most effective way of persuading people and motivating them to translate ideas into action. The need for narrative is hard wired into our brains. That’s why in branding story is not optional – it’s essential.

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Designing A Branded Experience

A brand is more than just a ubiquitous logo and a catchy slogan. Successful brands offer a unique experience. The quality of your branded experience is the most influential factor in determining whether or not consumers become repeat customers and … Continue reading

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Marketing Is A Department. Branding Is A Culture.

Let’s be clear; marketing is a department, branding is a culture – and it’s too complex and too important to be delegated to a single department.

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Hot For Details

According to rock n’ roll lore, Van Halen’s 1982 touring contract rider required the band be provided with M&M’s backstage at every show – absolutely no brown ones – or they would not perform. Turns out it’s true; but is … Continue reading

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Actually, Failure Is An Option

Succeeding in business requires risk. Despite bromides about failure not being an option, truth is that it’s a very real possibility. Acknowledging that and preparing for the possibility of failure isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s the sign of a … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Sophistication

Johannes Kepler noted, “Nature loves simplicity…” Water does indeed flow down the path of least resistance. Human beings are 98% water, so perhaps it stands to reason that we, too, would naturally seek simplicity.

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The Single Best Invention of Life

After Steve Jobs resigned as Apple’s CEO last week speculation about his failing health and imminent death was rampant. That same day, my family gathered around a hospital bed where my father-in-law lay tethered to machines, his body full of … Continue reading

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The Bolder the Idea the Louder the Critics

Dale Carnegie once quipped, “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.” Small thinkers, nitpickers and naysayers have always ridiculed the ideas of dreamers, creators and innovators. Mediocrity loves company. Don’t let other’s insecurities keep you … Continue reading

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What’s In Mick Jagger’s Briefs Can Teach You A Lot About Successful Marketing

Want to save tons of time and money on your marketing while improving ROI? Success begins in your briefs – creative briefs, that is. As the maxim goes, a well-defined problem is half solved. Briefs lay the foundation for problem … Continue reading

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