It’s the Customer Service, Stupid


Good customer service is always good business, but in an economy where greater competition for fewer dollars is fierce, it becomes an issue of survival. Modern consumers are savvy, discerning, demanding and presented with more options than ever before. Getting them to care about your brand requires first showing that your brand cares about them.

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The Brand Value of Kindness and Honesty


Business boils down to people. Branding is about building and maintaining relationships. People won’t always remember what you tell them but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. Ultimately, they want to feel valued.

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The Science of Storytelling


Storytelling is the most effective way of persuading people and motivating them to translate ideas into action. The need for narrative is hard wired into our brains. That’s why in branding story is not optional – it’s essential.

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Designing A Branded Experience


A brand is more than just a ubiquitous logo and a catchy slogan. Successful brands offer a unique experience. The quality of your branded experience is the most influential factor in determining whether or not consumers become repeat customers and recommend you to others. Design gives form, function and character to that brand experience.

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A Brand By Any Other Name…


Shakespeare asserted that which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. True, but the wrong brand name might not pass the sniff test with consumers.

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Don’t Get Punked By Posers


Today’s professional landscape is filled with false prophets preaching and prognosticating from the pulpit of so-called expertise. Being able to separate the pros from the pretenders can save you from disaster, but it’s not always easy. Consider this story:

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Marketing Is A Department. Branding Is A Culture.


Let’s be clear; marketing is a department, branding is a culture – and it’s too complex and too important to be delegated to a single department.

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The Stupidest Comment I’ve Ever Heard A Business Owner Make


People sometimes say the most inappropriate things in business settings; racial slurs, sexist jokes, offensive gossip, blatant lies, brazen threats, crass come-ons, bull shit jargon, whatever. I thought I’d heard it all, until I heard something that beat it all.

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They Said What?!?!


Clear communication is critical to your brand’s success. Poor wording, bad font choices, inattention to design and inaccurate translation are just a few of the things that can end up sending a message you never intended to send.

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Color Yourself Successful


Color communicates. It can provide direction and clarity. When language fails color can offer valuable associations with people, places and things. Shamrock green. Fire engine red. School bus yellow. Midnight black. Sky blue. The mere act of reading those words evokes distinct images and feelings. Color induces subtle emotions and elicits powerful responses. Because color’s impact is so profound its role as a brand signal should not be underestimated.

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